We believe in ethically sourcing the best and most sustainable ingredients, and using local production to create the most flavoursome Chocolate possible.

We were the first Chocolate Maker in Ireland importing our own beans, a rare Single Origin Criollo from a local co-op in South America.


We don't use any emulsifiers or add any flavours.  This is because our Criollo Beans are a rare delicacy and each bean in farmed in a specific region, giving them a unique flavour that has been influenced by the climate and soil they were grown in. 

We are a multi award winning Artisan producer of small batch organic chocolate. Wilkies Bean to Bar and Bean to Cup range is dairy, gluten, soy and nut free, and made with only three natural, organic ingredients; cocoa beans, cocoa butter and cane sugar.

If you venture a taste, we hope you enjoy the experience.

Shana Wilkie
Chocolate Maker